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10 juin 2008 2 10 /06 /juin /2008 16:31

the free-motion and position of the hands and shoulders ...

In recent days, I plan to talk again of free-motion sewing piqué libre free dive. A few weeks ago, I had the chance to intern with Dijanne Ceeval, a well known Australian in the world of textile arts ..
I rarely go on probation ... In addition to meeting with Dijanne and learning a new technique that day allowed me to meet other enthusiasts like myself. A day dream and work! "I invite you to see the article by Marie-Christine, on the same subject and go on the site Dijanne.

Today, I'll just show you the importance of the position of the hands and shoulders!
Here, I do my exercises (almost daily) to acquire the skills necessary for a good result.

It is about finding a rhythm, a series of back and forth from left to right, top to bottom, without turning circle, even when you want to make a circular motion ... When you write your paper, your file does not change direction!

It is very important to pause every 20 minutes approximately, not to go in the fridge ... but to relax the shoulders with a few small movements (waving his arms up (while cleaning a window to avoid losing time), shake hands on the side (such sweep in the kitchen) ... well if you need more ideas, I can provide unless we find others in the comments!

If this work arouses your curiosity, ask me your questions ... I will answer, of course!

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<br /> I see that you speak english, now.... But i's a old note...lol ... bon je crois qu'internet débloque, ou c'est pour tester le tradusteur en haut de ta page??? en tout cas, bonnes fêtes de fin<br /> d'année à toi si je ne repasse pas par là d'ici là.... bses<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> Je suis de l'avis de roselyne. Ca ne ma va pas du tout. BISES<br /> <br /> <br />
<br /> bonsoir<br /> dommage que le sitene soit plus en Français<br /> cordialement roselye<br /> <br /> <br />